Sarah Marlowe Spence, also known as Premratna is based between New Zealand's beautiful Bay of Plenty and Auckland. 

Music Singer/songwriter with a folky acoustic and emerging comedy vibe, yoga class accompanist and kirtan artist/teacher.

Yoga Trained teacher in Yasodhara Yoga (2005, 2007) including hidden language, kundalini and dreams advanced teacher training. Bihar School of Yoga Diploma (2010).

Personal Growth Access Consciousness "The Bars" facilitator and Bars Facilitator offering classes on "The Bars."  Student of First Light Flower Essences and student and graduate of courses run through the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies.

Background A classically trained singer, her musical inspirations really took off spending time in nature during a university holiday job taking Japanese tourists hiking in New Zealand's Southern Alps. Creative flows continued during years living in the Canadian Rockies and Kootenay mountains, and while spending extended periods of time working and studying at residential yoga centres (ashrams) in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India. Once life settled more into one place, poetry and people started inspiring more of her songwriting.

 At the 2017 International Yoga Festival in Auckland. Photo by Kawai Purapura.

At the 2017 International Yoga Festival in Auckland. Photo by Kawai Purapura.




Premratna translates as 'jewel of unconditional love'. Sanskrit names are often given in yoga traditions with the intention of reminding the recipient of their highest potential. 

Kirtan (joyful chanting) is the practice of singing your heart open; it is the music aspect of yoga. The leader facilitates group singing with a simple melody, often in Sanskrit, which the group sings back. The accompanying instruments support as the chant increases in intensity before pulling back to a silence perfect for meditation. Experience it to understand - you don't need to be able to sing!