Premratna has such a pure, crystal voice. The songs are very beautiful, the music just the sort of music I like - the kind that transports you into another realm. I love the circular repetitions of words and melodies; for me it's like a safe circle that encircles you when you listen to it. I think Om Tara should be played on every radio station every day so we could all be nicer people, more at peace with life & each other.

- Christina, Motueka, New Zealand

Collaboration Here's a treat - the Free Soul School collaboration recorded in Switzerland in June 2016 filled with hang drum, native American flute, layers and layers of interesting instruments and melodies. Sarah contributed significantly to the tracks Light Refraction and Swingatomique.

Solo Album Sarah's debut full length album Awake came out under the artist name Premratna in 2015 and was co-produced with Joshua Lynn of THINKT Studios. Awake contains 11 tracks, both original songs and kirtan, and features a variety of instruments. Three tracks feature translations of sacred Sufi poetry, used with permission from Daniel Ladinsky and Coleman Barks.

EP Sarah's first EP in 2007,  Saturn Return, featured all original songs, as Sarah Marlowe. 

Shakti In 2011, Sarah founded Shakti, an all-female music group who sang music for Divine Mother, mainly in the form of kirtan. Shakti came to an end with a final performance in March 2017 at one of their favourite festivals, Voices of Sacred Earth, where they contributed for many years.