Dream yoga: interpreting one's own dream symbols and applying them to everyday life.

Hidden Language hatha yoga: using symbology of asana (postures) to unlock messages from the body with writing in a journal to assist in deepening self-understanding.

Kundalini yoga: actively questioning and using writing in conjunction with meditation practices as a method of self-exploration.

Asana/pranayama: as per a ‘normal’ yoga class of postures and breathing, with a specialty focus on nada yoga (yoga of sound) within these classes. For example, chanting Surya or Bija mantras during sun salutations, or meditations including chanting.

Nada yoga: using singing and sound as a meditative practice, including mantra, kirtan and chakra sound meditation

Sacred dance: based on traditional Indian Barata Natyam, simplified dances use hand mudras and body movement to create a form of embodied prayer.