Spring has sprung

Spring is busting through - the freesias and the jonquils are out and so am I!

I'm really excited to have had my first taste of playing live music during a yin yoga class. It was magic.

"I loved it. I've never done yoga to music before," was one yogi's feedback.

I sang one of my favourite songs called Awake my dear. You can watch a snippet of this from a fabulous variety gig I did recent;y alongside acrobatics, silks and a ceilidh - a snippet is here: 

Awake my dear was the kind of song that came to me at a time I needed it most. I called my answerphone so that I wouldn't lose it - ah, life before smartphones. The chorus came from the front of a card I was given when I left Yasodhara ashram after a year living there:

Awake my dear, be kind to your sleeping heart.

Take it out into the vast field of Light and let it breathe.

Divine guidance indeed.