Autumn - Spring - Summer - Winter

Festival season continued well into the autumn in NZ this year. And then...!!!

I went to Switzerland where I had an amazing week making music as part of the Free Soul School collaboration where musicians from around the world recorded an album together. Completely from scratch. One track started with exploring the sound of dripping water. Another with an accordian jam. The track I started came through while eating yummy Swiss cheese a couple of hours after a cacao ceremony. Check out the album, especially my favourites Light Refraction (cacao induced) and Swingatomique.

The rest of my travels in Japan, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Germany, France and China were pretty epic and doubtless will reflect in my music - watch this space ;) 

Now I'm back in NZ, it's winter, and I'm enjoying hibernation alongside the swift fading of my tan. A perfect time to hunker in and listen to/play music. Except really, every time is a great time for that. For some chill out acoustic vibes, here's my 2001 song as filmed at the Delightful Festival of Body and Sound.